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Your Application

Think of your application as your first assignment for us

In your application, we require some information from you to ensure you are suitable and to speed up the interview and enrolment process. When you submit this information, it ensures we are able to come to a reasonably sound conclusion about your application once you complete your formal interview.

The interview process ensures you are to the quality and level we require for entry into its courses and further training at the school. We speak with you about your goals and aspirations about this course and the industry.


Current students and graduates of the National School of Aesthetics from 2000 onwards applying for another course will not need to submit any supporting information with their application form.

Your Application

You will need to submit a completed application form to us for any course you are interested in attending.

Students who fall into one of the categories below do not need to supply supporting documentation, unless expressed below, with their application.

  • Students currently enrolled with the National School of Aesthetics
  • NaSA graduates from 2000 onwards
  • Prospective students wanting to enrol in a Statement of Achievement level course. These students, if they do not fall into one of the two previous categories, will need to supply proof they hold the correct qualifications in order to meet the course pre-requisites.

For all other applications, the supporting documentation we require includes:

Proof of learning/qualifications

If you have an NZQA Record of Learning and have gained a National Certificate or National Diploma, you may not need to submit proof of learning, as we can view this on-line.

If you do not have an NZQA Record of Learning, or have not gained a National Certificate or National Diploma, you may need to provide any qualifications or transcripts you may have from prior learning that is NZQA-Approved or equivalent are helpful. Please submit photocopies.

For more information, click here for our proof of learning information.

Photocopy of passport or NZ driver's license or verified current passport photo

Legally, we need to confirm the identity of every student who applies and enrols with us.

You can do this by submitting a photocopy of your passport or valid NZ driver's license with your application. You will need to bring the original to the interview with you.

If you do not have a passport or valid NZ driver's license, you will need to supply a passport photo that is verified on the back.

For more information on passport photos, click here for our passport photo information.

Recognition of Your Prior Learning

If you wish to apply for Recognition of your Prior Learning, you will need to consult our Recognition of Prior Learning page. This process takes place alongside the application process.

Please note that the learning must be relevant to the course you are applying for, and you can download the form from our Downloads page. There is a charge for this service.

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Application and Enrolment Dates

We accept applications and enrolments during certain periods of the year. Please submit your applications and enrolments within the "windows" below.

Applications Open...


For Courses Starting between January and June 2017

22 August 2016

For Courses Starting between July and December 2017

1 March 2017

Applications Close...

The last day we can accept your application for a course is:

  • By 3 PM on the first working day of the week before the course starts (i.e. Monday, 24 January for a course starting Monday, 31 January); unless
  • The course is full:

Whichever comes first.

Enrolments Close...

The last day we can accept your enrolment for a course is:

  • By 12 PM on the last working day of the week before the course starts (i.e. Friday, 28 January for a course starting Monday, 31 January); unless
  • The course is full:

Whichever comes first.

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Further Information for All Applicants

When you have submitted all the information as listed above (and provided the school is in the interview and enrolment period), then we will contact you to make an appointment for the presentation and formal interview. These are normally held during office hours.

Students applying for any Statement of Achievement courses may not need to attend an interview.

When you attend the interview, please bring any originals with you of the information you have submitted. We will review it. Also bring any questions you may have.

Also ensure your appearance (clothes, etc.) is adequate to the situation of an interview.

We keep all this information, so if there is some part of your information you wish to have returned, include a photocopy of it in your submission instead of the original. Submit the original at the interview for us to have a look over. You will be charged for photocopying and staff time if you have submitted your original and need it back.

You have the right to bring someone along to all sections of the interview; however, you must contact us prior to the interview to let us know that person is coming along so we can adjust the space accordingly.

Making a false declaration is an offence under the Crimes Act 1961, so ensure the information you give on the Written Request form, in your submission, and in other documentation is truthful.

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Withdrawing Your Application

This section is for people who have submitted an application but have not enrolled.

If you are an enrolled student and wish to withdraw from your course, please see the Withdrawal Procedure.

If you have submitted an application, regardless if you have had the interview or not, or if your application is complete or not, and you wish to withdraw the application before enrolment, you are required to notify us in writing. Email or letter (with reasons) is acceptable.

We reserve the right to charge you a baseline $150 (GST inclusive) for our time and resources used, plus additional charges as per the Fees and Charges listed on our Web site. The further into the process you are, the more fees you are likely to face. See Fees and Charges for further information on what to expect for withdrawal fees.

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