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Your Interview

Showing you around, talking about what's expected of you and discussing your application

The interview process ensures you and other prospective students are to the quality and level we require for entry into our courses and further training at the school.

We remain committed to educating people serious about beauty therapy, nail technology and spa therapies to be the best beauty therapists, nail technologists and spa therapists they can be. The Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission and New Zealand Qualifications Authority also want us:

  • to retain the majority of students attending a course (keep them from withdrawing); and
  • to ensure those students complete the course (keep them until the end of the course); and
  • to ensure the majority of those students completing the course do so successfully (give the right level of assistance so they can pass the course); and
  • to encourage graduates to seek and gain employment in the industry and / or to study further (gain a job in the industry or study further).

We have been and remain committed to this vision.


NaSA students and graduates from 2010 onwards may not need to attend an interview.

Students applying for any Statement of Achievement courses may not need to attend an interview.

Before Your Interview

Before your interview, you will need to:

Your interview may be terminated and rescheduled if you have not watched the Interview Presentation. We highly suggest you familiarise yourself with our policies and procedures before the interview so we can discuss your application and you more indepth.

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Your Interview

The two sections of the interview are:

Students who appear to have weak English skills may be given a comprehension test.

You have the right to bring someone along to all sections of the interview; however, please contact us prior to the interview to let us know that person is coming along, so we can adjust the space accordingly.

When you attend the interview, please bring any originals with you of the information you have submitted. We will review it. Also bring any questions you may have.

Also ensure your appearance (clothes, etc.) is adequate to the situation of an interview.

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No-Shows for Interviews

If you are booked in for an interview and you do not show up for the interview, and you do not contact us with regards to why you did not show up (within a reasonable amount of time), we reserve the right to disqualify you from any further interviews or enrolment with us indefinitely. We also reserve the right to charge you a fee if you do not show up for the interview, if you doesn't follow instructions, and/or if you submit information and do not respond to our attempt at contacting you. See Fees and Charges for further information on what to expect for withdrawal or no-show fees.

If you want to withdraw your application from consideration, please see our Application Withdrawal section on our Applications page for further information.

If you don't show up for an interview, we may charge you for the time and resources used. This could be $100 or more.

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