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Veronica Kapene

Veronica, a 2005 graduate and student of the year of the National School of Aesthetics, came back from the UK to study with us and graduated to work in one of New Zealand's most prestigious resort spas

Veronica KapeneVeronica Kapene returned home from the UK to study our Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics in 2005. After graduating as our Student of the Year, she went on to work in beauty therapy and spa therapies.

We asked Veronica some questions with regards to her training and her life after graduation.

Where do you work at the moment?

I'm working at the Spa at Millbrook in Arrowtown.

What's involved in your job?

Apart from carrying out all beauty and body treatments, as senior therapist, my duties and responsibilities are wide and varied from staff training, ensuring smooth day-to-day running of the spa and maintaining the high standards we are known for.

What do you love about your job?

Many things, but foremost, it would have to be the "feel-good factor". Making someone feel like a million bucks is pretty special.

What do you like about your job?

I like the relationships I form with our regular clients.

What do you dislike about your job?

As the spa is part of a hotel resort, we may only, unfortunately, see that client once. In the short amount of time you spend with someone, you can easily learn all about them, their family and friends (which is a positive).

What opportunities has your NaSA qualification given you?

I think because NaSA is a highly-regarded and -reputable school that definitely helped me get noticed.

Thinking back on your training, what areas did you enjoy the most?

All of it!

Which areas in your course were the hardest?

Finding the discipline needed to study.

What was your fondest memory or memories while training at NaSA?

I made some pretty good friends while studying at NaSA. Sharing a classroom with Mel Jones (my classmate) as she was the funniest thing in a white smock.

Which members of staff do you remember the most? And why?

All of them! Catherine, Kim, Suzie, Marg and Don. All of them offered endless support to help me achieve my goals.

If you were giving advice to a close friend considering training in beauty therapy, what would it be?

It'll be a rich and rewarding career, just not necessarily always in the monetary sense!

Thanks to Veronica for answering our questions!

24 June 2008

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