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Disclaimer and Viewing Requirements

Some legal stuff and how best to view this Web site


  • The National School of Aesthetics reserves the right to alter any information on courses as listed on our Web site or in our brochures.
  • Courses will only start if sufficient enrolments exist.
  • Whilst we make every effort to ensure the information presented is accurate and up-to-date, this Web site and the information listed thereon, should only be regarded as indicative.
  • We will give official NaSA information about courses and fees at the interview, or you can obtain this by contacting the us during our office hours.

The content on this site, intellectual or otherwise, remains the copyright property of the National School of Aesthetics and its parent company, Aesthetics House Limited. Certain pictures, such as "Woman Receiving Facial", are the property of Janssen Cosmeceutical but AHL has permission to use these. Some pictures used in the Prospectus and on this Web site are from Janssen Cosmeceutical Care or the common domain. Other pictures have been obtained from the general domain.

"NaSA", "NASA", "NaSA" and "nasa" are registered trade marks of Aesthetics House Limited.

"The National School of Aesthetics", "National School of Aesthetics" and "National Spa Academy" are common use (unregistered) trade marks of Aesthetics House Limited.

"Launch your career", "Launch your beauty career", "Launch your nail career", "Launch your spa career", "Launch your beauty therapy career", "Launch your nail technology career", "Launch your spa therapy career", "Launch your beauty career with NaSA", "Launch your beauty therapy career with NaSA", "Launch your nail career with NaSA", "Launch your nail technology career with NaSA", "Launch your spa career with NaSA", "Launch your spa therapies career with NaSA" and any variants thereof are trade marks of Aesthetics House Limited.

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Viewing Requirements

In order to view this site as the Webmaster intended, please ensure your system complies with the following specifications:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) capable Web browser Required
  • Allow site Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Required
  • Javascript on Required
  • 1024 X 768 screen resolution or higher
  • 32-bit colour
  • Font smoothing on
  • Mozilla Firefox 3+, Apple Safari 4+, Opera 9+, Google Chrome 5+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+ or equivalent Internet browser

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