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Homework and Projects

Your homework and projects at the National School of Aesthetics

Homework and projects are an important indicator for us of your commitment to study outside of the course.

Homework and Projects Overview

Homework and projects count for 30% of your final grade. You must pass it by 60% or higher.

Homework and projects are an easy 30% percent of your final grade if you complete them to the standard required and hand them in on-time.

Your tutor will tell you when your homework and projects are due.

All work must be your own work.

You need to turn your homework and projects in by the due date to the tutor responsible for giving the assignment.

You should hand in every piece of homework and every project due throughout the year by the date due. If you do not comply, you may fail the course.

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If You Are Away...

If you are absent on the day your homework or project is due, and you have a valid medical certificate, your homework or project will be due on the day you return to class, or the day your medical certificate is good until, whichever comes first.

If you do not have a medical certificate, you can still turn in your homework or project late, but we will mark it down accordingly.

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Late Homework or Projects and Not Turning Homework or Projects In

If you do not have a medical certificate, we will mark down late homework and projects according to the school rules. This is usually a 10% penalty off your grade for that specific piece of homework or project (i.e. 78% is marked down to 70.2% for one day late, 63.2% for two days late, et cetera).

If you do not turn homework in by the time allotted by the school rules and regulations, we will mark your homework or project as failed.

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Failing the Homework Category

If you are failing the homework category during your course, you will be considered failing the homework category of the course, and, therefore, the entire course.

You will need to see the head of your department to talk about this.

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