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Quizzes and

Quizzes and Tests

Your quizzes and tests at the National School of Aesthetics

Quizzes and tests are an important indicator for us of your retention and expression of your knowledge and strength of your practical skills.

Quizzes and tests count for 30% of your final grade. You must pass it by 60% or higher.

The term planner and weekly timetable usually has quiz and test dates listed.

Your tutor may also tell you when a quiz or test is coming up.

It is extremely important that you study and practice on a daily basis for your course to ensure your knowledge and practical skills are up-to-speed for any quizzes or tests given to you.

We are under no obligation to tell you when “pop” or surprise quizzes take place.

If You Are Away…

If you are absent on the day your quiz or test takes place, and you have a valid medical certificate, you may gain an aegrotat grade.

You will need to:

  • Call in sick to school; and
  • Get a medical certificate from your doctor (inline with school rules and regulations); and
  • Bring the medical certificate in to the school on your first day back; and
  • Turn in the medical certificate to the Student Liaison Officer.

If you do not have a medical certificate, you fail the quiz or test.

Aegrotat Grades for Quizzes and Tests

If you were absent from school for a medical or bereavement reason, and you bring in a medical certificate for that day you were absent stating you were unwell and unable to attend class (or a bereavement notice and evidence as per the Rules), we may grant you an aegrotat grade.

This means, at the year’s end and if your application is accepted, we will give you an overall average of your quizzes and tests as your grade for that assessment. So, an 86% overall in your other tests throughout the year will get you an 86% for that missed quiz or test.

Please note:

  • You cannot claim aegrotat passes for homework.
  • You may not be able to claim aegrotat passes for major tests.
  • You cannot claim an aegrotat grade if:
    • you did not call or text in sick on the day you were away (or gain prior clearance from Catherine); and
    • do not have a medical certificate (or proof of bereavement).

See Absenteeism for more information.

Failing the Quizzes and Tests Category

If you are failing the quizzes and test category during your course, you will be considered failing the quizzes and tests category of the course, and, therefore, the entire course.

There are usually no opportunities to resit failed or missed quizzes and tests.

You will need to see the head of your department to talk about this.

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