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Clinic Day

Practicing a variety of treatments on a variety of people

Clinic days help bring in additional money to fund the products you use in your course but, more importantly, they expose you to additional skin types and other conditions you would normally not encounter amongst the other students in your class.

If you are wanting more information on our clinic, Absolute Aesthetics, please visit our clinic page.

Once up to standard, the diploma-level students work in the clinic area. The clinic operates similarly to a professional clinic, giving you experience in a clinic-like setting while under tutor supervision.

When we feel the majority of your class are up-to-speed with treatments, we hold client days. We hold these once a week for each class. The money we receive from the treatments goes primarily into the products you use here.

Nail technology students participate in client days as well through their classroom. This is to increase the experience students gain on clients. There may or may not be a charge for this.

Some weeks, client day may be busy, with us requiring you to work on more than one client in a day. Other times, client days may be fairly slow, and we will find other things for you to do. As this is a practical class, we will expect you to perform practical treatments.

Your friends and family are more than welcome to come have treatments on clinic day! Please enter them into our computerised booking system and ensure they know where the clinic is located and the price of treatments.

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