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The National School of Aesthetics holds a graduation ceremony at the end of the programme

You've finished your course and passed your examinations with flying colours. Congratulations! So... what about graduation?

We hold a simple presentation for graduates on our campus.

Here's some information to help you:

When Graduation Is Held

Graduation is usually held on the last day of your programme.

Graduation for diploma programmes are usually a more formal affair than graduation for certificate programmes.

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When Tickets Are Available

Graduation tickets are usually available around 1 June and 1 December each year.

Graduation tickets are free for the graduate, but there is a charge for each guest. There is also a limit to guest numbers, so ensure you and your potential guests are aware of this before promising tickets.

For more information, please contact Scott Fack around 1 June or 1 December.

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Dress Code for Graduation

We ask that students and their guests dress in smart casual and formal attire only.

People showing up in inappropriate attire (i.e. jeans, et cetera) may be turned away.

This is a special occasion to honour the graduates, and therefore it would be appreciated that the minimum standard of dress, as outlined above, is met out of respect for the graduates.

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Getting Your Certificates at Graduation

For students who are graduating in June or December, you will receive your certificates at graduation.

For students graduating but not attending graduation, please see When To Get Your Certificates If You Don't Attend Graduation section of the certification page.

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