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Withdrawal and Refunds

In the unlikely case you need to leave your course

Withdrawal is the process by which you and NaSA legally terminate your enrolment contract between us, which leads you to cease studying a course with us.

If you want to withdraw from your course, you are legally-required to complete the Withdrawal Form.

You must download the Withdrawal Form from the bottom of this Web page.

You need to read through the policies and procedures below. Please familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures below prior to filling the form out.

We strongly encourage you to speak to Lyssa or Scott to discuss any problems you may have prior to withdrawing.

If you have not enrolled with us but have only put an application in with us, and wish to withdraw that application, please see the Application Withdrawal section.

Information available on this section of the site includes:

Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

You are considered enrolled, whether you are attending class or not, until you correctly complete withdrawal. Your withdrawal date is the day we receive your full withdrawal (as listed below).

Your Withdrawal

Completing Your Withdrawal

In order to withdraw from your programme, you are required to submit:

Your completed Withdrawal Form
Your Public Trust Refund Form (if eligible for refund)
  • Must be fully completed and bear your own signature
  • Available from us
Written evidence of medical, visa non-approval, or hardship reasons (if applicable)
  • For a withdrawal due to medical reasons, supply a letter or medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, stating:
    • he or she has seen you and
    • in his or her qualified medical opinion, you are medically unable to start or continue the programme you are enrolled in
  • For a withdrawal due to student visa non-approval, supply written evidence from Immigration New Zealand to support this reason.
  • For a withdrawal due to hardship or other reasons, supply written evidence to support your reasons.

A phone call, a text, an email, or saying you want to withdraw in person is not a withdrawal. You are required to submit the documentation above fully and correctly in order to withdraw.

If you have or will be getting a student loan and / or allowance, you need to inform StudyLink as well. We will not confirm this to StudyLink until you have submitted your full withdrawal.

Submitting Your Withdrawal

You must submit the original Withdrawal Form and any supporting documentation in person or by courier to the Student Liaison Officer immediately after you decide to withdraw.

  • Do not post, fax or email a copy to us.
  • Do not leave it unattended on our premises.
  • Do not have a fellow student deliver it.

It is your legal responsibility to ensure we receive your complete withdrawal.

We must receive your full withdrawal within three (3) weeks after you left the programme or prior to the end of the term during which you left the programme, whichever comes first.

Withdrawal Administration Fees

Your withdrawal may trigger administration fees which you must pay from your own personal money. Fees and charges are listed on our Web site at

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If You Do Not Withdraw

If you wish to withdraw and do not complete withdrawal, we may take the following steps.

You may be billed for the time and resources used in pursuing your withdrawal. Fees and charges are listed on our Web site at

You are responsible for all programme fees and course related costs due, and you may not receive any refund, if eligible, if you do not correctly complete the withdrawal process.

Reporting Non-Compliance to Government Agencies Within Five (5) School Days of Non-Attendance

If you do not attend the programme for five (5) days in a row and do not contact us about your absenteeism, and if you hold a student loan and / or student allowance and / or any WINZ support, we will report your delinquency, as required by law, to StudyLink and / or WINZ. This may result in a decrease or cessation of living cost or other personal payments made to you by StudyLink and / or WINZ.

If You Do Not Withdraw Within Seven (7) Calendar Days of Your Last Day of Attendance

If you do not complete withdrawal within the seven (7) calendar days after leaving your programme, we may send you an email or letter to remind you you have not withdrawn from the programme.

If You Do Not Withdraw Within Fourteen (14) Calendar Days of Your Last Day of Attendance

If you do not complete withdrawal within fourteen (14) calendar days after leaving your programme, we may assume you have abandoned your programme.

We will:

  • Notify StudyLink and any other Government bodies.
  • Send you an email or letter notifying you we consider you have abandoned your programme.
  • Cancel your enrolment if you do not respond within 72 hours after our email or letter.
  • Pursue any debt you owe us, including through a debt collector, which may incur additional fees, interest and / or financial penalties.

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Expulsion is where we remove you from your programme due to behavioural, disciplinary and / or other serious issues. We will confirm your expulsion in writing.

If we expel you from your programme, we:

  • may not give you a refund; and / or
  • may require your full programme fee and course related costs if you have not paid them by the point of expulsion.

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Refund Policy

You must formally withdraw in order to be considered for a refund of some programme fees, whether attending or not. Refunds are only made for completed withdrawals falling within the refund periods specified by law. There are no refunds of course related costs.

The refund periods defined by law are:

  • Domestic student: Between your date of enrolment and before 3:30 PM on the 8th calendar day of your programme
  • International student: Between your date of enrolment and before 3:30 PM on the 10th business day of your programme

We will endeavour to have your fees refunded, where allowed within this policy, within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of your completed withdrawal. To complete any refund available to you or organisations like StudyLink, you must complete the Public Trust Refund Form correctly.

Our owners reserve the right to issue refunds outside the scope of these policies based on strongly-documented, compassionate grounds. This would be a rare occurrence.

We are not responsible for fluctuations in the New Zealand dollar against any foreign currency.

Domestic Students Refund Policy

Refund of Student Loans, Scholarships, and / or WINZ Payments

If some or all of your fees have been paid by:

  • StudyLink
  • Work and Income New Zealand
  • An organisation issuing you a scholarship
  • Any other organisation

And you withdraw correctly, that portion of your programme fees (less $500 or 10%, whichever is the lesser, paid from all sources):

  • Will be returned to the appropriate organisation(s), wherever possible, if you have completed your withdrawal between your date of enrolment and the 8th calendar day of your programme.

You may need to provide us with the correct bank account from the other organisation to complete the refund correctly.

Government subsidies paid directly to us, like the Student Achievement Component 3+ funding, is not given or refunded to the student on withdrawal.

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International Students Refund Policy

Refund Due to Immigration New Zealand Not Approving Student Visa

Where Immigration New Zealand does not approve your student visa, we may adapt the International Students Refund Policy to the policy below as not to disadvantage you while recognising the work we have performed for you.

You must supply us with written evidence from Immigration New Zealand of their denial of your student visa.

The Enrolment Withdrawal administration fee was $300 as of printing of this document in November 2016. See for up-to-date administration fees information.

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Refund Due to Cancellation of Programme Intake

By law, we can cancel any programme intake seven (7) calendar days or more prior to the advertised starting date. You may need to complete a Public Trust Refund Form. Where this occurs, we will:

  • Notify you of this in writing; and
  • Refund all programme fees paid to the appropriate people or organisations.

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Refund Due to Permanent Programme or Permanent School Closure

If we permanently close our entire operations, or voluntary close your programme you are enrolled in and attending at the time of closure, you may receive a pro rata refund from the date of closure until the end of the programme for fees paid if we are not able to resume training in any form. Student fee protection mechanisms may take effect in some of these situations.

Situations like this could include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made or artificial disasters
  • Revocation of NZQA-Registration
  • Revocation of NZQA-Approval
  • Revocation of NZQA-Accreditation
  • Revocation of signatory to the Code of Practice (international students)

You may need to complete Public Trust and other forms to access the refund.

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Withdrawal and Refund Procedure Diagram


  • You decide you want to withdraw.
  • You download the Withdrawal Form or get a copy from us.

Completing Withdrawal

  • You fully fill out the Withdrawal Form.
  • You gather any supporting documentation to include with your withdrawal (if required).
  • Ensure all information and details are correct and truthful.

Submitting Withdrawal

  • You submit your completed Withdrawal Form with supporting documentation to us, in person or via courier.

Processing Withdrawal

  • We receive your completed Withdrawal Form and acknowledge this.
  • Where you submit your Withdrawal Form in the refund period, we issue you with a Public Trust Refund Form, which you must complete before the refund period ends.

Completing Refund Form

  • You fully fill out the Public Trust Refund Form in the areas we instruct you to complete, if you are withdrawing within the refund period.
  • Ensure all information and details are correct and truthful.

Submitting Refund Form

  • You submit your completed Public Trust Refund Form to us, in person or via courier before the refund period ends.

Processing Withdrawal and Refund

  • We receive your completed Public Trust Refund Form, if you are withdrawing in the refund period.
  • We process your withdrawal and refund (where refund is applicable).
  • We inform Government agencies of your withdrawal.
  • We send you a letter to state we have fully processed your withdrawal. (If you do not receive a letter, you are not withdrawn.)

Withdrawal Form

    Download the Withdrawal Form    

If you are withdrawing between the date of your enrolment and the last day of refund, you need to fill out a Public Trust Refund Form as well as the Withdrawal Form. You need to get the Public Trust Refund Form from Lyssa or Scott.

Last modified: 8 November 2016 to reflect easier-to-read and expanded Withdrawal and Refund Policies and Procedures

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