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    What are Spa Therapies?

    Get comprehensive NZQA-Approved training to be a step ahead in this booming industry

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What are Spa Therapies?

Get comprehensive NZQA-Approved training to be a step ahead in this booming industry

What are spa therapies? Not sure what spa therapy’s about? You can find out a few facts about spa therapies here.

Want to know about our spa therapies course? See our New Zealand Certificate in Spa Therapy course page for more information.

What are Spa Therapies?

In the 21st century, spa therapies are a large area meant to encompass holistic therapies, beauty therapy, fitness and nutrition. With such a large area for consideration, we focus on the holistic therapies we can use in a beauty therapy context, that is building upon the skills and techniques we have learned to further relax and enhance our clients’ well-being.

Spa therapies are not a new to the world. Humans have used water since prehistoric times for its healing properties. This grew to include rituals in some religions, but overall, humanity still utilises water in spa therapies as a cornerstone.

Spa therapies sometimes focus on specific areas, i.e. aromatherapy works on the senses of smell and touch. To holistically treat a person, treatments should attempt to balance the client.

What Type of Treatments Does a Fully-Qualified Spa Therapist Perform?

Since there is a wide variety of treatments available under the “spa therapies umbrella”, spa therapists may perform some or all of the following treatments (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Hydrotherapy treatments
    • Vichy shower
    • Swiss shower
    • Scotch hose
    • Hydrotherapy bath
    • Steam treatments
    • Sauna treatments
  • Colour therapy
  • Light therapy
  • Spa aromatherapy
  • Auricular heat therapy (Hopi ear candling)
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Fitness & exercise
  • Massage treatments
    • Swedish massage
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Indian head massage
    • On-site massage
    • Lomilomi massage
    • Lymphatic drainage massage
    • Shiatsu massage
    • Spa aromatherapy massage
    • Spa reflexology massage
    • Sports massage
    • Thai massage
    • Traditional Maori massage

Please also note that we do not offer all these areas in our Diploma in Spa Therapies course. For example, fitness would fall under the appropriate fitness and personal training classes held at other fitness-focussed providers.

How Do I Become a Spa Therapist?

You complete either our New Zealand Certificate and Diploma in Beauty Therapy course or an NZQA-Approved Diploma in Massage Therapy and then you can apply to train through us in our New Zealand Certificate in Spa Therapy.

Our New Zealand Certificate in Spa Therapy programme is comprehensive and delves not only into the practical treatments but also the theory behind the treatments.

Some clinics and spas will state they want to train you “in-house”. There are many problems with this, including:

  • They are not registered with or approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to teach.
  • There may be no set standard by which you learn.
  • Once you leave their employment, your skills may not be relevant, adequate or to the level expected in the industry.

Our school and course have undergone vigorous approval processes through not only NZQA but also our international governing bodies, meeting both national and international levels of approval.

If you have any questions about training, or would like to ask further questions, by all means, feel free to contact us.

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