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A small sample of what people are saying about the National School of Aesthetics

Read testimonials about us, our training, our facilities, and our standards from those who have experienced it first-hand and know it best.

I know that NaSA is an awesome school. I know this, because I had a good look around before making a choice about which school to attend.

The range of topics are comprehensive. Everyone I spoke to said NaSA was very professional, well organised, had robust systems, was leading edge and, although you’d be working very hard, a whole lot of fun, which is a testament to the tutors.

[A contact of mine] from the Tertiary Education Commission said to me that she thought NaSA was the best school in the country.

Robyn Francis - Spokesperson for the Class of 2006, February 2006 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Graduate

Our next fundraiser… is a fashion and pamper night… We have a number of beauty professionals who will be providing treatments during the evening… We need a much larger group providing treatments and I was hopeful that some of your students might be willing to give up some of their time to the cause… The people I have donating their time have told me that the National School of Aesthetics is the only place I can approach as they aren’t prepared to work with students from anywhere else – a definite compliment to your organisation…

RF - Funding Coordinator, Local Primary School and Community Hall Trust

The school is very professional presented. All facilities are kept to a high standard. A well equipped lecture room. The school would be a pleasure to teach in and to attend.

Angela Stubbersfield - CIDESCO Examiner

My ITEC diplomas have proven my best asset, and I have been hired over English therapists as employers appreciate our [New Zealand’s] training is so much better.

Vanessa Hakopa - 2001 Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics Graduate

Over the past five years, I have been a client at beauty schools in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. Comparing the schools as a client, I have chosen the National School of Aesthetics as my training institution of choice for various reasons:

  • The simple observation is the students from NaSA are more competent and professional in practice, manner and confidence. From my observational experience, the trainers are more specialised, approachable and proficient;
  • The general impression and ambience of the school as a client and prospective student. From entering the doors, the place is inviting, comfortable and professional. This impresses me and I would relish learning in an environment like this;
  • NaSA has small classes. Throughout my study life, I have found that small classes are more conducive to my learning as opposed to larger ones.
JAK - July 2010 Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics Graduate

Report on [The National School of Aesthetics’s] facilities:

  • Decor: The facility is brand new – 6 months old. Relocated due to earthquake damage at former premises. Pristine condition.
  • Reception area: Warm, welcoming, comfortable and friendly
  • Furniture ([beauty] couches, trolleys, etc.): All equipment brand new, pristine condition.
  • Electrical equipment: All equipment brand new, pristine condition.
  • Lecture room: Excellent training resources, interactive and electronic whiteboards, [overhead] projector, ergonomic chairs for students.
  • Students’ rest area: Expansive, excellent facilities to relax and also dedicated outlets for laptop usage.
Narelle Blinman - CIDESCO Examiner

[ZippityDoo Beauty] are extremely blessed on just how “busy” we have become already. This success is really the standards set by Catherine [Wouters] and her [education] team — which, at the time, I was thinking, “Really? Do we need to…? How many times…?” But they’re there to push you and reach a high standard in all aspects of beauty therapy.

I would like to say “Dreams are posssible” and “Success is easy”; all you need is support in the right areas, so utilitze NaSA and the team as a stepping stone for success.

Ena Tipene - Owner, Manager, Beauty Therapist and July 2012 NaSA Graduate, ZippityDoo Beauty

Feel very proud to say I am studying at NaSA. High standards / very professional. I have personally learnt so much and feel it is of high standards, due to the high expectations and teaching and support.

NK - January 2012 Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics Graduate

I have been travelling throughout New Zealand visiting various campuses with by new job. I have noticed the quality of workmanship from students, and how NaSA far supasses all of these!

NaSA has a fantastic way of approaching the client, the skin and body. All with such care and empathy! It has opened my eyes to see how other students are taught.

You all do a great job there, keep it up!

I am very proud to call myself a NaSA Graduate and have worked for NaSA!

Becky Bulman - Former Bernard Cassiere National Manager, deSpa Cosmetics

Everyone here [in Australia] says that New Zealand education in the [beauty therapy] industry is much better than Australia’s. I agree 100%.

OE - December 2009 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Graduate

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