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Recently, there has been a lot of talk from the Minister of Tertiary Education about the New Zealand taxpayer (they say Government, but don’t be fooled; it is the taxpayers’ money they are investing) getting more “bang for their buck” out of tertiary education.  Of course, we have heard this for a while.  If I recall correctly, for about a decade!  But the action on this seems to be finally coming now.

Some other providers have mentioned this is an era of change for them, that they’ll become more results-focused instead of “bums on seats”-focused to meet this new era of tertiary education.  In some cases, they make it sound as if the sun hasn’t risen for years and now, finally, we have a cloud-free day, the birds are chirping, the grass is the most beautiful green one has ever seen, and the flowers are in bloom.

In reality, the National School of Aesthetics has always been focused on results.  Quite simply, if you didn’t make the mark — and quite a high standard we have set to be sure — you didn’t pass.  This means students have to work hard to gain their qualification with us, and, I think, most students appreciate this because, once they finished, they feel that, wow, they worked hard to get their qualification and they are proud of it.

Any graduate you meet of ours will tell you our courses are hard work.  Well worth it, but very hard work.

Employers also feel good about employing our graduates as they have the skills to succeed.  They know about hard work, and hopefully this work ethic follows through to the clinic situation.  Employers also know that if you hold a National School of Aesthetics qualification, you worked hard for it and that we didn’t give it away, or have low marking criteria; you got it as a result of your hard work and achievements in the course.

As a student of ours, you’ll work hard, but that hard work will pay off.  You’ll be equipped to join the work force, be able to meet the challenges set down by employers and clients alike.  We are results-driven; we are amongst the best for keeping students enrolled and making sure they successfully complete their course of study with us.

And this is very important to note that we have been meeting these requirements long before the Government put these requirements in place, because we felt tertiary education should be results-driven.  Taxpayers should, for the amount of money they invest in not only us but also all of tertiary education, get a really good return on their investment.  We want to continue doing this, and we are.

A National School of Aesthetics education is one to be proud of, to work hard for but ultimately achieve, to ensure your needs as a student are met, our industry’s needs are met, the taxpayers receive good returns on their investments, and, ultimately, Government goals for tertiary education are met.

If you want more information on how we meet these goals, please see our Why We Are the Obvious Choice page on our Web site for facts and figures.

Scott Fack is the Director of Operations for The National School of Aesthetics, the South Island’s leading beauty therapy, nail technology and spa therapies training provider.