The introduction of the Fees Free scheme in 2018 has created a slight issue with our enrolment requirements, specifically when it comes to a deposit on a programme of study. In short, Fees Free students no longer need a Public Trust account if they are under the $12,000 GST inclusive cap — and the majority of our eligible students are — while students who are not Fees Free do need to continue with the Public Trust account.

To even the playing field and ensure consistency among all people enrolling with us, we have dropped the deposit requirement and shifted it to a $100 non-refundable enrolment administration fee.

This makes this enrolment requirement easier and more straight-forward for our students to understand, no matter how they are funded or what type of student they are (domestic, international, new, returning, et cetera), and ensures we can give the correct advice and level of service to all students.

In 2018, the non-refundable enrolment administration fee is $100 for all enrolees in all programmes. This is the same exact price the deposit was when it was in place.

The non-refundable enrolment administration fee requirement is applicable for all further programmes starting in 2018 onwards, and our documentation is being updated to reflect this.

To learn more about the enrolment administration fee, please see the Enrolment Administration Fee section on our Enrolment page.

Please contact us if there are any questions about this change.