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Daily Assessments

How you are assessed day-to-day in the course

We mark you on daily assessments we expect you to complete throughout your time studying your beauty courses with us.

In the daily assessments category of your assessments, you are marked twice daily in the following areas:

  • Manner and Attitude
  • Appearance
  • Hygiene and Sterilisation
  • Preparation and Clean-Up
  • Performance

This counts for 10% of your final grade. You must pass it by 90% or higher and be under the maximum days off allowed

If you are compliant, you receive 1 point per period for each area listed above. This means you have the potential to gain 10 points maximum per day.

If you get in, do the work required to the standard required, you should pass this category without any problems. It’s an easy 10% percent of your final grade!

You are expected to clean-up after yourself in both a clinic situation and at school. As therapists, we need to ensure strong hygiene, sterilisation and cleanliness practices are in place at all times.

We will expect you to clean up and keep the Great Hall (break area) tidy, clean up your workstation after you’ve used it, clean your bowls and implements, clean the classroom and perform other cleaning duties.

This is standard practice at many beauty therapy training establishments.

Daily Assessments Non-Compliance

If you are non-compliant with daily assessments requirements, your tutor may tell you during the first few days or weeks of non-compliance.

If you remain non-compliant, Performance Advisory Notices (PANs) may be issued or notes may be placed in the class notebook.

You are responsible for ensuring you are compliant and remain so.

Failing the Daily Assessments Category

If you are failing the daily assessments category during your course, you will be considered failing the entire course.

You will need to see Student Liaison Officer and/or the head of your department to talk about this.

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