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Final Examinations

Your final assessments at the National School of Aesthetics

Final examinations determine your overall knowledge and serve as a final indicator of the sum of your knowledge and skills in this area.

Final examinations count for 30% of your final grade. You must pass each area in each subject by 60% or higher.

The sections are:

  • Theory examination: Must be passed by 60%.
  • Practical examination: Must be passed by 60% and all required sections passed.
  • Case studies: Must gain a pass mark.

An example of this: Suzie gains 84% for her theory examination, 89% for her practical examination and a pass mark for her case studies. She therefore passes her final examination.

An example with regards to subjects: In the New Zealand Certificate and Diploma in Beauty Therapy, we examine in two separate areas:

  • facial therapy;
  • body therapy; and
  • electrology

As a student, you must pass the theory examination, practical examination and case studies component for each area in order to gain the New Zealand Certificate and Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

It is extremely important that you study and practice on a daily basis for your course to ensure your knowledge and practical skills are up-to-speed to successfully complete the final examinations.

If You Are Away…

If you are absent on the day your final examination takes place, and you have a valid medical certificate, you will have to supply us with the medical certificate.

You may then be able to resit your final examination at the next opportunity.

If you do not have a medical certificate, you fail the final examination.

The medical condition will have to be something extremely serious for you to miss your final examination.

Failing the Final Examinations Category

If you fail any area or section of your final examinations, you will fail the entire course.

You will need to resit that section of your final examination at the next available opportunity.

You can only sit any exam 3 times maximum, including the original sitting, within 2 years from your original examination date.

You will need to complete the NaSA Examination Resit Form and submit it and payment by the due date listed on the form.

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