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Gaining and incorporating feedback from National School of Aesthetics stakeholders

Consultation is important to us, and we always welcome constructive feedback from our stakeholders. Our stakeholders have a significant interest in our school, our courses, and our outcomes We seek their feedback on things like course approvals. We identify stakeholders in our Quality Management Systems (QMS) and below.

Identified Stakeholders

Stakeholders are those people and groups with a significant interest in our school, our qualifications and our outcomes. We consult with our most important stakeholders, our students, through various avenues. We hope to enlighten the public, through this page, about our identified stakeholders.

Our stakeholders include:


Students are the most important stakeholders at the National School of Aesthetics. We have a very strong learner focus, according to NZQA and other bodies, and we pride ourselves on gaining input from the student body. We do this through several exercises.


Another important stakeholder group here, the staff have regular meetings.


Industry play an important role for us. They employ our graduates, have expectations on the standards of students, and help collectively shape and steer our industry. Since the needs of the industry are varied, we employ the following to attempt to meet industry needs.

International Governing Bodies

International Governing Bodies help give input on international standards and expectations of employers internationally.

In addition to supplying international standards and expectations of employers internationally, international governing bodies have an interest in how well their syllabi are being taught by us, pass rates achieved by member schools, and other similar areas.

Government Agencies

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority holds an interest in the quality and standards the school offers.

Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission hold an interest in the completion rates and statistical data to ensure the school and students are utilising taxpayer funds to the best and most efficient of their abilities.

StudyLink is interested in students who are involved with the Student Loans and Allowances schemes.

TEC has announced that government departments need not be consulted as they are not identified as stakeholders.


We need to ensure the educational needs of Maori are met under obligations in the Treaty of Waitangi. We believe in equal opportunities for all learners.

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