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Before You Start Your Course

You’ve passed the interview. You’re enrolled. What should you do before your first day?

Discover what you need to do before you start your course with The National School of Aesthetics.

The Student Handbook

You will need to read and familiarise yourself with the Student Handbook, downloadable from this Web site.

If you are an international student, you will also need to familiarise yourself with the Student Handbook International Student Supplement.


You’ll need to assemble your uniform from different suppliers.

You can read more information and see pictures of our uniform on the Uniform and Hygiene page.

Your Carrying Case

We suggest a small suitcase or carrying case with an extendable handle and wheels.

Your carrying case needs to fit into a cubbyhole. The cubbyhole has the following dimensions:

  • 40 centimetres wide
  • 50 centimetres high
  • 80 centimetres deep

Remember this carrying case needs to fit your linen kit, your consumables, your books, your binder, pens and paper in it.

OSH requirements dictate you cannot leave your carrying case on the floor as this is a hazard and can prevent a clear avenue of escape in case of emergency, so the carrying case must fit in the cubbyhole.

You should also purchase a small Tupperware storage case for all your electrology and main consumables.

You can find a photo of acceptable carrying cases below.

Some of Your Extra Expenses

Extra Expenses You Need Before You Start the Course

You should try to organise:

You should also purchase the towels, sheets and other parts of your linen kit. You can find what you need in your linen kit in your copy of the Student Handbook.

Extra Expenses You Pay for on Your First Day

You will need to pay for:

  • Student ID Badge
  • Public Trust fee
  • Books
  • Electrolysis stylus and probes
  • Headband
  • Nail technology kits
  • Nail technology practice hand
  • Sponges

Any extra expenses you are required to purchase from NaSA or Aesthetics Importing should be purchased and obtained on or after the first day of your course.

Some items may not be immediately available after payment.

Extra Expenses You Need After You Start the Course

We will discuss these other extra expenses within the first few days of your course:

We have included images of these below for you.

Photos of Some Extra Expenses

Below, you will find photos of some of the extra expenses you will need to purchase. Please note the quality and type of these items. All the extra expenses shown are external extra expenses, so you will need to purchase these from a supplier outside the school.

Make-Up Brushes
Nail Buffer
Tweezer Tips
Students with Carrying Cases

Maximum carrying case dimensions are listed in the Carrying Case section above.

Your Course Fee and Extra Expenses Payments / Student Loan

Your course fees and NaSA / Aesthetics Importing extra expenses are due on the first day of the course.

Please arrange for your course fees to be paid by or on the first day of the course. If your course fees are not paid by or on the first day of the course, we may stop you attending class until they are paid.

If you are getting a student loan to pay for your course fees, apply as soon as you are enrolled in the course, and make sure your loan is approved fully before the course starts.

For more information, see:

Your First Aid Certificate

Your first aid certificate is due by the first day. Arrange to sit your first aid course before you start attending the course.

See our First Aid Certificate page for more information on certificate requirements and so on.

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