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How you are marked on your attendance

We assess you every day on your attendance. Attendance is important as you must meet a standard of minimum hours. You have three marks available: absent, late or present.

We mark this more than one time a day. If you leave and a tutor hasn’t dismissed you, we will mark you absent for the whole period or the whole day. You are required to let us know if you are leaving class early so we can account for you if there is an emergency.

You need to meet the minimum standard of hours in order to pass the course. Even if you pass all the other sections of the course, if you haven’t met the attendance requirements, you will not qualify.

Please see the Absenteeism page for more information.

If You Are Away…

If you are absent for the day, for medical reasons or otherwise, you will receive no points for that day, unless you have called in away and have a medical certificate.

If you have to leave early, or if you arrive late, you may only receive points for part of the day.

Attendance Non-Compliance

If you are non-compliant with these requirements, your tutor may tell you during the first few days or weeks of non-compliance.

If you remain non-compliant, Performance Advisory Notices (PANs) may be issued or notes may be placed in the class notebook.

You are responsible for ensuring you are compliant and remain so.

Failing the Attendance Category

If you are failing this category during your course, you will be considered failing the entire course.

You will need to see the Student Liaison Officer and/or the head of your department to talk about this.

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