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Accommodation Options

Some accommodation providers in Christchurch to give you a head start

“Where am I going to live while I study?” might be a question prospective students ask. While we do not have accommodation on-campus, we can offer some suggestions and information about possible accommodation and accommodation providers.

Information we have complied with regards to accommodation includes:

Accommodation Providers

Below, you will find information on a small group of accommodation providers in Christchurch. This is a sample of accommodation that is available in Christchurch.

Contact the individual provider for information on how to apply, availability, characteristics and realistic costs of gaining accommodation with the provider. Please note some providers, like Living Space and UC Villages have several options available, and they will be best to discuss these options with you.

We have not assessed the suitability of these for international students at the time of printing.

University of Canterbury Villages

Ilam Village


University Hall

University of Canterbury Accommodation Student Village

9 Maidstone Road


Christchurch 8053


Private Bag 4760

Christchurch 8140

Phone & Email



Christchurch YMCA

12 Hereford Street

Christchurch 8011


PO Box 2004

Christchurch 8140

Phone & Email

Urban Rooms

Phone & Email

Information About Flatting

Some students rent flats as it is inexpensive and a place to share with other students. International students can gain experience in the day-to-day living of New Zealanders and valuable English skills.

With the University of Canterbury, Christchurch Polytechnic and various other institutions starting around the same time as us, good flats may be difficult to find.

When you flat, you supply the furniture in many cases. The landlord should supply an oven. Sometimes, the landlord supplies a washing machine and/or a refrigerator. Furnished flats usually cost more.

Visit for detailed information on flatting.

Finding a Flat in Christchurch

  • Look in the Christchurch Press or Christchurch Star classifieds.
  • Search Google for rentals available in Christchurch.
  • Friends and classmates may know of someone looking for a flatmate, so ask around.
  • The Christchurch Yellow Pages also lists agents under “Real Estate Agents” and “Rental Agents” in the “Accommodation Rental” area of the book.

Approximate Costs of Flatting

You can find out more information on tenancy costs in specific areas at You can also use the Sorted Cost of Living calculator on their Web site at

According to StudyLink, flatting with two other people in a three room flat in Christchurch costs approximately:

Service Cost per week
Rent $132
Food $63
Power $16
Bus (with discounts) $25
Phone (minimum) $5
Internet (unlimited) $7
Other (clothing / toiletries / make-up) $20

These are approximate costs, based on moderate use of electricity, phone, et cetera, and you may find the costs of these for you may vary, depending on your situation.

If you are looking at renting a flat or house just for you, rent can range from approximately $400 to $1,000 per week, depending on the area, situation, et cetera.

Tenancy Protection and Issues

If you need advice or help with anything related to tenancy, see Tenancy Services on or contact them on 0800 836-262. You can also contact the Tenants Protection Association on or on (03) 379-2297.

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