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International Examinations

Your international qualifying examinations at the National School of Aesthetics

International examinations are an optional group of examinations, with an international examiner assessing your theory and practical skills against international criteria. International qualifications are important as they are independently assessed.

If you are looking for information on the international governing bodies themselves, please see our International Examination Systems page in our Information section.

Information in this section includes:

ITEC Examinations

This section is for students wishing to sit ITEC international examinations. Please find ITEC examination requirements listed below for download.

Even if you have paid your examination fees, if you have missed more than the time allotted in the school rules and regulations, you may be barred from sitting your international examinations (withdrawal for academic reasons) without refund.

Before you go further, here are some definitions:

Test Specifications

The number of questions in the theory exam; how many questions (approximately) are on each subject; and other details you may like to know about the theory exam.

Sample Theory Questions

A small sample of questions from ITEC

Sample Consultation Sheets

Give you a sample layout of consultation sheets; you can use the ones from the school for your case studies if you would like.

Sample Assessment Forms

How your marks will be allocated during the exam; and the sections in which you will be marked

ITEC Documentation by Examination

By clicking on the following links, you can download documents directly from the ITEC Website by qualification:

Rules, Terms and Conditions of International Examinations

When you submit your Application to Sit International Exams with us, you sign a declaration to say you understand and agree to the following rules, terms and conditions.

In this document, the following substitutions will apply:

  • The applicant / candidate is herein referred to as “you”
  • The National School of Aesthetics / college is herein referred to as “we” / “us”
  • The international governing body (such as ITEC) is herein referred to as “IGB”

Application and Payment

  1. You must pay your examination fees in full on or before the due date listed on this application as well as submit a completed application.
  2. Neither we nor the IGB will hold the examination for you until your fees with us and the IGB are paid in full; you have met both our and the IGB’s requirements; and you have filled out all applications to our satisfaction.
  3. We will not accept late fees or late applications.
  4. If you have not made your payment in accordance with any of our or the IGB’s requirements, you shall forfeit your right to sit examinations but will not compromise your ability to apply for further examinations at a later date, if allowed by us or the IGB.
  5. We do not allow changes once we have received your application.

International Examination Requirements

  1. You should arrive at the examination venue no less than 10 minutes prior to your examination’s starting time. We will not allow you to enter either practical or theory examinations if you are late.
  2. You are responsible for liaison, contact and all other arrangements with your models. Even if we, our staff, your fellow students or other parties have found your models, the onus rests on you to establish and remain in contact with your model.
  3. You need to contact your model and explain the rules, times, venues and give an outline of the treatments you are likely to perform on them. You should explain to your model that you will require your model to submit to any requested treatment, and if they refuse any treatment, it may result in you failing your examination. The model should be a prime candidate for a variety of treatments.
  4. You should ensure your model has no contraindications to any treatments offered prior to examination day.
  5. Your model should be approximately 25 or older and in good to excellent health. Your model must not be a tutor, a therapist or on a therapy training course, either in the past or present.
  6. You need to ensure you have given your client all the relevant patch sensitivity tests at least 24 hours prior to the examination but not more than 6 weeks prior. If you fail to do this (you may need to provide evidence), the IGB will most likely fail you.
  7. You need to wear your full uniform as per the school rules for all examinations, theory and practical. No exceptions. If you do not, you will lose points or possibly fail the examination.
  8. You must hand in your evidence of treatment and/or projects to the Principal or Senior Tutor (whoever identifies themselves as responsible) by the due date given. We will not mark any late evidence of treatment submissions or projects received after this date. You will receive a “no grade” result otherwise. This means you will need to complete your case studies or have us send them to the IGB before you can receive your results. We will charge you additional costs, including postage and handling, if we are required to do this, and we must receive payment prior to us sending this information.
  9. You will need to be and remain under or at the maximum time off allowed, as per the school rules and regulations, throughout your course. If you do miss further time, we may bar you from sitting your international examinations without a refund.
  10. You should ensure you have scheduled plenty of time either side of each section of your examination on examination day. We highly suggest you avoid the booking of other appointments, work, or other arrangements on your examination days, as examinations can sometimes run early or late. We bear no responsibility for this.
  11. You must have proof of a current Workplace First Aid Certificate on file upon application.

Absence or Withdrawal from the International Examinations and Refunds

  1. Once we have paid your fees to the IGB, the IGB will not refund us under any circumstance. The IGB will only credit our account in certain circumstances, usually when a candidate has provided a valid medical certificate or valid bereavement. See further points for further information.
  2. Neither we nor the IGB will give refunds under any circumstances. Where documented illness (as in point 19) or documented bereavement (as in point 20) has prevented you from sitting your examination, the IGB may credit our account for you to sit your examinations at the next available opportunity. You will need to apply again using a form similar to this one. We may expect you to pay the difference, if any, in costs between the first examination and the later examination. Beyond the next available opportunity, you will need to reapply and pay for future examinations, if available. You have a maximum time limit of two years to resit your CIDESCO examinations (with charge) and of one year to resit your ITEC examinations (with charge). The onus rests on you, not us, to remain in contact.
  3. If you are ill and medically unfit to sit an examination, you must gain a medical certificate from a registered General Practitioner with the words, “in my professional opinion” (or similar) and “is unfit to sit the examination”. The GP must have examined you and determined you were ill; neither we nor the IGB can accept you told the GP you were sick.
  4. If your spouse, parent, sibling (brother or sister), child, grandparent, grandchild or spouse’s parent dies, and the 3 days allowed bereavement leave falls during your international examinations, you may claim bereavement leave as per the Holidays Act 2003. You must supply adequate written evidence to us for this to apply, and the relationship must be one of those listed above.
  5. If you withdraw from an examination, you may incur additional fees and will not be eligible for a refund.
  6. If you do not attend your examinations for any reason other than documented medical illness or documented bereavement, we and the IGB will consider you absent from the examination, and you will not receive any refund. The IGBs usually do not credit our account in this instance.

The International Examinations, Disclaimers, Results and Certification

  1. We act as an agent for the IGB and are therefore bound by the terms and conditions set forth by the IGB. More information on the IGBs terms and conditions can be found on their Web sites: for ITEC and for CIDESCO.
  2. Examination dates and times are made on a best-effort basis. We and IGBs reserve the right to alter these dates and times.
  3. Once we receive your results from ITEC, we will provide these to you via post. The CIDESCO examiner usually gives you results on the last day of examination. We will take all possible care to ensure your results are kept confidential but cannot guarantee they will remain so due to the nature of the postal system.
  4. You must make arrangements with us to collect your certificates or have them sent to you. We do not automatically send out your certificates.
  5. We arrange these examinations for you on behalf of you and the IGB, and our liability and responsibilities shall be limited to arranging the examination, sending your exam fees to the IGB and providing a venue and equipment for the examination. We are not responsible for the length of time it may take for examination scripts, papers, results and/or diplomas and certificates to get from or to us or from or to the IGB. You understand NZ Post and other national and international postal and courier companies and agencies are responsible for the mail and courier systems through which these are sent, and any delay is no fault of ours.

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