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How you will be assessed during your course

Assessments are an important way we gauge your skills and knowledge. Learn about the different ways we assess you during your beauty course.

In this section, we cover:

Grades Allocation

We assess you on your skills and tasks through several different means. Some of these marks have more importance, or “weight” allocated to them, than others.

Category Weight Lowest Pass Mark
Daily Assessments 10% 90%
Assignments 30% 60%
Quizzes and Tests 30% 60%
Final Examinations 30% 60%


  • You must meet the minimum attendance requirements to pass the course.
  • You must pass each area (theory, practical and case studies) in each subject*.

* An example: In the New Zealand Certificate in Beauty Therapy, we examine in two separate areas: facial therapy and body therapy. As a student, you must pass the theory examination, practical examination and case studies component for each area in order to gain the New Zealand Certificate in Beauty Therapy.

Weighing Your Grades

“Weighing” ensures the your grades are adequately balanced for a fair result.

This means if you get 9,600 points out of 9,900 points possible for your daily assessments, and 350 points out of 380 points possible for your assignments, the first becomes 10% of your final grade, while the other becomes 30% of your final grade.

In this case, you may get 97% (or 97 out of 100 points) for your daily assessments, and 92% (or 92 out of 100 points) for your assignments. Looking at this from a weighing perspective, this gives you 9.7 out of 10 for daily assessments and 27.6 out of 30 for your assignments category.

The easiest way to look at this is:

  • Each section has a maximum of 30 points available, except daily assessments, which has a maximum 10 points.
  • The entire course has 100 points maximum available.
  • Multiply your section percentage against the maximum points available, i.e. if you are getting 84% for assignments, multiply 30 by 0.84.
  • Add your section points together.
  • Divide your section points by 100.
  • This should give you your overall course percentage.

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