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Employment and Jobs

Getting a job out there in the industry

You’ve finished your course and passed your examinations with flying colours. Congratulations! Now, you want to find employment.

We put up information on our student notice boards with regards to different jobs that are available through employers who have contacted us.

Here’s some information to help you:

Employment Offers and Employment Surveys

Clinics contact us to advertise positions on our student notice board, and when they send the relevant information through, we post these.

We also encourage you, once you have finished your training, to “call in” to clinics, equipped with a current CV and dressed appropriately. You need to actively look for a job; offers very rarely fall into anyone’s lap.

If you still can’t find a job, please contact the OMA staff, and we’ll see what opportunities are still available (that we are aware of). Also check the Press,, and other job-related Web sites.

Once you have a job, or if you have gone on to further training, please let us know via an employment survey or by giving us a call and giving us the details. TEC require us to keep an as-accurate-as-possible tally on how many (or what percentage of) graduates gained employment in the industry or have progressed to further training.

Acting as a Reference

Closer to the time of your programme’s finishing date, we should supply you with a release form. If you complete this, sign it, and return it to us, we can keep it on file and speak as a referee for you; however, you must supply this written authorisation for us to do so. We keep a copy of this on your file for further reference.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 and subsequent amendments, we cannot talk to any potential employer about you until we have authorization to do so. We usually only comment on things like your punctuality, professionalism, relationships with fellow students and staff members, and so on.

Do You Know of Any Jobs Available?

If you know of any jobs available in the industry, please let us know. It may also pay to have the employer contact us for further information.

Do You Want to List a Job Available?

If you are an employer and have a position available, please feel free to email or bring in a copy of your advertisement.

We will be more than happy to list these on our student notice board.

If you’d like us to post it on our social media, please indicate this in your message or when you speak to us.

We also suggest you advertise the position as well.

Please understand that, while we are willing to assist by putting up these notices and perhaps talking to students, we are an educational provider first and foremost.

We do not write or copyedit these notices for you, so please ensure you include all relevant information. What you send us will be placed “as is” on the notice boards.

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