The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals holds the Beauty NZ Association Awards every two years, and 23 September 2017 was this year’s awards ceremony.

As you may recall, in 2013, our owners Noel Turner and Don Kendall won the prestigious “Contribution to the Industry” award (like a Lifetime Achievement award) for their contribution to the development of the beauty therapy industry through education. In 2015, the Beauty Therapist of the Year award went to NaSA graduate Sophie Hull.

Please also bear in mind that we gain only around 5% of the beauty therapy education funding in New Zealand in any year.

In the 2017 awards, about 26% of the finalists are our graduates or involve our graduates. And, around 40% of the winners are our graduates. 2 out of the 3 Beauty Therapist of the Year finalists are National School of Aesthetics graduates.

The winners and finalists involving NaSA graduates are:

  • Jemma Moran – Beauty Therapist of the Year (winner)
  • Samira Sultan-Rouse – Social Media Use of the Year (winner) and Beauty Therapist of the Year (3rd place)
  • Cocoon Beauty and Day Spa (Jess Telfer [co-owner], Becky Davis [therapist]) – Clinic of the Year (3rd place)
  • Becky Davis – Student of the Year (finalist)
  • Renaissance (Sharnelle Mitchell [co-owner], Caroline Roberts-Cunningham [therapist]) – Best New Clinic of the Year (winner)

We are so proud of our graduates, whether they are finalists or winners. Congratulations, ladies, on a job well-done.