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Well, spring has sprung, and, as always, a mixture of weather has accompanied the blossoms blooming and trees coming into leaf.  I could do without the cold gray drizzly day thing (although once in a while those types of days can be okay if you want to shut yourself away with a nice book), but spring itself is a reminder of things anew (and, let’s face it: without rain, plants wouldn’t grow).

I find personally — and I think many people find this, not just me — spring encourages me to think about my future and upskilling or gaining new skills.  My drive to start studying something interesting or to build on the skills I have revs up.

If you’re an existing nail technician, why not look at starting your Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics or Certificate in Aesthetics (the facial therapy side of the diploma) to add more relevant skills to your manicure and nail technology areas?  Or, if you don’t hold an NZQA-Approved qualification, why not contact us to find out how to upgrade to an NZQA-Approved Certificate in Nail Technology?

Did you train in beauty therapy but want some extra skills to add new services to your clinic?  Help you get a pay raise?  We have a wide range of courses available through our section of our Web site.

Options include New Zealand’s most comprehensive (and only NZQA-Approved diploma-level) spa therapies course, our Diploma in Spa Therapies, covering a wide range of spa therapy subjects on a full-time basis.

Or, if you can’t commit to a full-time course, we have plenty of part-time and short-course options, including Indian head massage, spa lymphatic drainage, stone therapy massage, aromatherapy massage for the spa and reflexology treatments for the spa.

One of our most popular short courses for beauty therapists is our NZQA-Approved Brazilian waxing course.  Being NZQA-Approved means the qualification is recognised by employers, clients and insurance brokers throughout New Zealand as a recognised, approved standard.  This means employers and clients can rest assured you were properly trained and assessed, while, if you have an accident in your clinic and hold an NZQA-approved qualification in Brazilian waxing, you may be liable for only professional misadventure, not practising something you weren’t officially qualified in (which can cause all sorts of headaches).

In short, we have something for everyone.  If you are interesting in upskilling or even considering gaining more skills to offer to clients in 2010, we are more than happy to discuss these options with you. Contact us for further information.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Fack is the Director of Operations for The National School of Aesthetics, the South Island’s leading beauty therapy, nail technology and spa therapies training provider.