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Hi everyone, and welcome to my first blog for The National School of Aesthetics.  I hope to bring you many exciting bits and pieces from my viewpoint at the school through this blog and my postings.

Where to start?  Well, I wanted to say first that the students we have attending the school in 2009 are great.  We have a lot of very focussed students who will be assets to the beauty therapy, nail technology and spa therapies industries.  If you’re an employer reading this, keen on employing one of our students, contact us at the school, and either Jacqui or I will help you.

In the Operations side, where Noel, Jacqui and I work, we’re gearing up for 2010 applications and enrolments.  If you’re a person interested in enrolling in 2010 for one of our courses and are going through the full interview process, make sure you impress us with your application.  Like most tertiary schools in New Zealand, we have been, and will continue to receive, more applications than we have funded spaces available.  So, make sure your application is completed fully, and stands out for us in a good way!  In saying this, we don’t need a million pages; we need to see you can complete an assignment to a better-than-average standard while meeting all the criteria.  And this is what your application is to us: your first assignment.

2010 is an exciting year for us at NaSA; we turn 25 years old.  It’s hard to believe we’ve come so far, but the journey isn’t over.  Over the years, and even now, we had, and continue to have, a great team.  Noel and Don are still here on a day-to-day basis, ready to help students and staff alike.  And both are qualified beauty therapists (and, in Don’s case, qualified nail technician), so they’re able to help with the technical stuff too.

I think, if we built a time machine and went back to that little cottage on Stanmore Road back in 1985, first, we’d shock everyone there, but second, and more importantly, if you showed the 1985-Don and 1985-Noel how much the school would grow and become the quality-driven powerhouse of beauty/nail/spa training it is today, they’d be flabbergasted.  And it’s a testament to their hard-work and dedication not only that NaSA has succeeded in the industry (when many at the time NaSA opened said it wouldn’t) but also that our graduates, from 1985 until now and into the future, succeed and will continue to succeed with such a solid foundation of learning as they enter the beauty therapy, spa therapies and nail technology industries.

And that flows on to the many wonderful clinics New Zealand-wide and internationally who accept our graduates for employment.  Of course, without them, we wouldn’t be here either.  So, much of our success in celebrating our 25th birthday in 2010 also can be attributed to them and their support over the years.  A heartfelt thank you.

Well, I think that wraps up this blog post.  I hope to bring you more focussed, subject-oriented blogs in the future.  If there’s any subject you’d like me to discuss, feel free to contact me, and I’d be more than happy to look into it.

Scott Fack is the Director of Operations for The National School of Aesthetics, the South Island’s leading beauty therapy, nail technology and spa therapies training provider.