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    Download NaSA documents and save a tree or three!


Download NaSA documents… and save a tree or three!

We supply downloads of some of our current documents for public viewing and printing. These files are written in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and you can read it on your computer using the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader programme.

Prospectus and Selected Prospectus Forms and Sheets

Course Information Pack

Download the latest full version of our course information pack here.

Application Form

2018 version 1.2

This form is included in the Course Information Pack download above.

Student Handbooks

Student Handbook

2018 version 1.3

All students need to read this handbook. International students should also download the Student Handbook: International Student Supplement.

Student Handbook International Student Supplement

2018 version 1.1

International students should read this handbook in conjunction with the Student Handbook.

Clinic Day Price Lists

Clinic Day Price List

2015 version 1.0

Latest price list for our student clinic, Absolute Aesthetics

Downloadable Forms

Note: The year on these forms refers to the year it was created, not the year it can be used (i.e. 2017 form can be used in 2018).

Application for Planned Absence Form

2017 version 1.0

Enrolled students should use this form to apply for planned absence, i.e. a brother’s wedding

NaSA Examination Resit Form

2017 version 1.0

Use this form when applying to resit your NaSA examinations

NaSA Qualification Reprint Form

2017 version 1.0

Use this form when applying to have your NaSA diplomas reprinted

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